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Cedenco's Sustainability Project - Step One

Posted by Joe Nelson on 20 August 2014


A group of 10 Cedenco Staff, 2 staff from Paroa Station and 2 staff from Hauiti Station completed day one of fencing off the banks of the Uawa estuary.  1100 metres of fencing will be erected as a first step in the creation of a Uawa estuary natural riparian buffer zone.  This buffer zone will eventually increase natural habitat and reduce the negative impacts of agriculture on the estuary’s ecosystem.

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Cedenco Deliver on Sustainability Compliance

Posted by Joe on 3 November 2013

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Cedenco has been declared a sustainable processor of onions, pumpkin, sweet corn and tomato under the Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Code (SAC).

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Cedenco Adopts a Highway

Posted by Cheryl and Mark on 17 August 2012

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Since 2008 Cedenco has been taking part in the Keep Gisborne Beautiful “Adopt A Highway” scheme and keeping this particular beachfront stretch of main highway clean and tidy. A willing team of staff are inducted prior to each cleanup with the hazards of working on a busy main highway explained.  

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