Green Garden Pea Processing has begun

Posted by Joe on 2 December 2014


The start of Summer is also the start of Cedenco's green garden pea harvest and processing.

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Blown Away by Local Support

Posted by on 23 October 2014


On Tuesday 21st October, 6 teams of Cedenco staff mobilised to support more than a dozen community projects in a “Mucking In” day.  Teams chose their own community projects which included cleaning, gardening, painting, building and planting work in various children’s and older folks communities as well as environmental projects.  Cedenco provided the teams with funds to spend on each project but the teams were truly blown away by the support they received from local companies with donations of timber, paint, nails, plants, seeds, trucks, soil, machinery, food and helpers, even singers!  The level of support was so great that most teams were able to donate at least 90% of Cedenco project funds to local charities, some teams even managing to give their lunch money away as well to worthy causes.

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Cedenco's Sustainability Project - Step One

Posted by Joe Nelson on 20 August 2014


A group of 10 Cedenco Staff, 2 staff from Paroa Station and 2 staff from Hauiti Station completed day one of fencing off the banks of the Uawa estuary.  1100 metres of fencing will be erected as a first step in the creation of a Uawa estuary natural riparian buffer zone.  This buffer zone will eventually increase natural habitat and reduce the negative impacts of agriculture on the estuary’s ecosystem.

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2015 Tomato Season

Posted by Joe on 20 August 2014

The Cedenco team are in quiet preperation for the 2015 tomato paste processing season.

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2014 Kiwi Fruit Processing Has Begun

Posted by on 8 July 2014

The staff at Cedenco are currently busy processing kiwifruit, which started in June and is expected to finish in July.

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2014 Onion Paste Processing Underway

Posted by Joe on 23 April 2014

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The 2014 aseptic onion paste processing season is underway.

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The Big Day Out

Posted by Debbie on 25 March 2014

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It’s not every day that the opportunity to show case the careers that are involved in a business comes along, the opportunity to show students that we are not just a processing facility.

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SIX-million-dollar expansion project at Cedenco's Gisborne Factory

Posted by Ben Cowper on 27 February 2014

THE SIX-million-dollar expansion project at Cedenco's Gisborne factory was a further indication of how the company views its long-term future in the district.

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Crop Report - Feb 2014

Posted by Joe on 26 February 2014

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Sweet Corn

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New! UHT Green Pea Puree

Posted by Paul on 19 February 2014

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UHT Green pea puree is Cedenco’s newest product; made from fresh garden peas harvested in Gisborne, New Zealand. The final puree has a vivid green colour and a cooked pea flavour.

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